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Massage Therapy


60 min Swedish Relaxation Massage

A full body relaxation massage with emphasis on reducing bodily tension, inflammation, and mental stress 

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60 min Therapeutic Specialty Massage

Choose from any of the following therapy based sessions

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Deep Tissue

Therapeutic or relaxation massage performed with consistent deep pressure

Targeted Pain Relief

•    Focused massage therapy to targeted areas using techniques such as trigger point, myofascial release, Trager method, and somatic release

•    Indicative for conditions such as TMJ, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, sciatica, and other repetitive strain injuries

Migraine and Sinus

•    Focused massage therapy to the head, scalp, and sinus cavities to eliminate fluid and tension based migraines and headaches

•    Essential oils and cold/hot stones included in session

Posture Correction

•    Focused massage therapy to postural muscles to correct improper gait and spine curvature

•    Releases tight muscles constricting good posture, and strengthens weak muscles to promote good posture  

Stretch Me!

  • Focused stretching of joints and muscular attachments across full body to increase range of motion and release tension

  • Can be performed fully clothed

Sports / Athletic

•    Combination stretching and therapeutic massage session with focus to activity prone muscle groups

•    Increases range of motion, strength, and endurance

•    Helps prevents muscle tears, pulls, and other injuries

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Upgrade to 90 minute massage

Upgrade to 120 minute massage


Essential oils diffused and absorbed through skin

Sugar Scrub

To exfoliate and rejuvenate feet or hands

(must choose one area)

Full body sugar scrub

Small area hot stones

Stones heated to an intense but safe temperature. For back, neck and chest, or hips

(must choose one area)

Full body hot stones


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